Soltek Easel

The Soltek Easel came about as a byproduct of hard-working laziness.

Working artist Jim Wilcox spent eight years designing and developing the Soltek Easel just so he could have an easel that was lightweight, compact, and quick to set up. As an artist, he also wanted a more aesthetically pleasing easel. He decided he had better market it in 1999 to offset the enormous costs of production since he couldn’t justify putting in years of work and thousands of dollars so he alone could set up his easel in less than 20 seconds.

Wilcox had been dissatisfied for years with traditional plein air French box easels. He felt they were clunky, heavy, and awkward. He also thought they took too long to set up and were outdated all around.

With that in mind, Wilcox set out to design an easel that would be everything the Soltek has come to be: lightweight, durable, attractive, sleek, compact, quick and easy to set up, versatile, portable, wind resistant, and unique. After nearly 20 years of easels on the brain, Wilcox has made the Soltek better than ever. Since 1999, numerous adjustments to the original easel design have refined the Soltek to an even higher level of usability and stability.

Better than ever, we offer the Soltek as proof that painting needn’t be left in the dark ages. Space-age materials add much to the lifespan of the Soltek. The average working artist buys about 1.1 easels a year!

You can pare that figure down to 1.1 easels per lifetime.

Start with the easel you really want.


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